Fine outdoor furniture with

our sought after 'FairCape' nameplate

representing lasting quality.

Patio furniture crafted with your relaxation and lifestyle at heart.

Hand built in Maine
with Pride and Craftsmanship

Stylish Garden Furniture to enhance your outdoor home living.

Custom furniture designs fashioned for your specific pleasure.

Adirondack inspired designs for timeless appeal and charm.

Hardwood cutting boards individually fashioned for your every need.

Hand built in Maine
with Pride and Craftsmanship

Maine Made: America's Best

Posted 28-Mar-2015

Spring is edging its way past winter here in Maine. Down in the southern and western states you are enjoying the outdoors so let us adorn your patio, deck or garden with our luxurious Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture. Orders are starting to roll in from our New England customers so place your order soon so you can enjoy your new furniture as soon as the weather draws you out to your garden.

We have some great new designs and options so avoid any delay in enjoying your new FairCape Furniture this season. 

We are open Monday to Saturday so drop in to see us here in Rockport or call or e-mail us to place your order.